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Caltech Project for Effective Teaching


CPET Certificate of Practice
Students who complete the CPET Certificate of Practice in University Teaching will now receive a transcript notation indicating participation in this program. Students who plan to graduate during the 2015-16 calendar year must provide CPET with their teaching portfolio for review by May 16th, 2016 in order to receive a transcript notation before commencement.

Recent CPET Events

Dr. Jenn Weaver
Assistant Director of the CTLO, Caltech 
Tuesday, April 12, 2016
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: CTLO, Center for Student Services, Room 360

Teaching assistants are constantly juggling teaching, learning and research responsibilities. As with our research, we strive to be effective TAs within the many constraints on our time. This workshop is for both new and experienced TAs, and will address the best strategies to maximize efficiency, make a difference and have the biggest ‘bang for our buck’ when preparing for and fulfilling our teaching responsibilities.

Jennifer Weaver is the Assistant Director for Instructional Practice and Technology at Caltech’s Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach. She focuses on using active learning in the classroom, incorporating technology in teaching, and supporting Teaching Assistants on campus. Jenn is available for consultations with students and faculty on any teaching matter and can be reached at

Other Events of Interest

There are currently no upcoming events of interest, but please check back soon!

CPET Committee Meetings

Interested in getting involved with CPET? Please sign up for the CPET mailing list here to learn about upcoming seminars, workshops, and other opportunities offered through CPET! You can also participate in CPET Committee Meetings, in which we discuss what types of programing CPET can provide!