Caltech Project for Effective Teaching

CPET is a vibrant program at Caltech that is focused on excellence in teaching and professional development, and has been supported by the Graduate Dean’s Office since 2002. CPET plans a teaching and professional development seminar and workshop series each year, administers a teaching certificate program, has originated and administers a teaching library collection, and recently started an online library of CPET seminar videos on YouTube.  This student-driven program works to improve teaching at Caltech, and has Caltech undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, staff, and faculty in its community.

Upcoming Events

Backpocket Barnburner - A Lightning Quick Overview of Educational Theory

Holly Ferguson, Ed.D., Program Manager, CTLO, Caltech

12 PM Friday, February 13th, 2015

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach

This event will be a short introduction to a framework for understanding how people learn, given by our resident educational psychology expert Holly Ferguson, program manager at CTLO, who is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. This session will cover TRIADIC RECIPROCITY - a model that shows the dynamic, interdependent relationship between personal, behavioral, and environmental factors in learning - from Social Cognitive Theory! CPET wil be leading the discussion portion of the session, and the event may be used to complete a journal entry for the CPET Certificate of Interest Program! I think the discussion will help us develop perspective on how we can support our students, so I hope you will attend! 

Leave the session with information you can keep in your back pocket...just in case.
Such as:
•    the language of the theory (terms, concepts, lingo)
•    search terms you can plug into databases to do educational research
•    seeds of ideas for applying theory to any learning/teaching experience
Additional Resources for Further Reading:
•    Overview of Social Cognitive Theory and Reciprocal Determinism
Frank Pajares and Ellen L. Usher
•    Social Cognitive Theory of Self-Regulation
Albert Bandura
•    The Self System in Reciprocal Determinism
Albert Bandura
•    Self-efficacy: Toward a Unifying Theory of Behavioral Change
Albert Bandura

CPET Committee Meetings

Interested in getting involved with CPET?  The CPET planning committee helps plan CPET events, and generates new and exciting programing in collaboration with the CPET co-directors.  All students and post-doctoral fellows are welcome to participate in the committee planning.
We meet periodically and new people are always welcome! Lunch is provided.
If you'd like to hear announcements about the CPET committee meetings, please sign up for the CPET committee mailing list.