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IC2 Project: 2017-18 Academic Year

Kick-off Retreat: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

For Caltech faculty teaching Core and other large-enrollment intro courses ("pseudo-core), freshman advisors, option leaders, and head TAs.

Location: Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology
9:45: Coffee and refreshments will be available in Annenberg 106

10:00-11:00 AM

Annenberg 105

Opening discussion: Who are Caltech students and how do they learn? 
Welcome and presentation/discussion about recent student data, including admissions, surveys, and the broader context of trends observed in "Generation Z" college students in the US.

11:00-12:00 PM

Annenberg 105

Guest Speaker: Noah Finkelstein, Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Co-director of the CU Center for STEM Learning and of the national Network of STEM Education Centers.
Talk + Workshop Description and Full Bio


Annenberg 106

Please pick up lunch and proceed to one of the break-out rooms below

12:15-2:00 PM

Annenberg 105 & 213

Break-out discussions:
1) Core Faculty & Head TAs: Annenberg 105, with Noah Finkelstein
2) Freshman Advisors: Annenberg 213 (until 1:30 PM)


Core project leadership and implementation team:
  Cindy Weinstein, Vice Provost
  Kevin Gilmartin, Undergraduate Dean
  John Hall, Core Steering Committee Chair
  Sarah Reisman, Chemistry EO
  Cassandra Horii and Jenn Weaver, CTLO
  Hanna Song, CCD
  Lesley Nye and Barbara Green, Dean’s Office