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IC2 Project: 2017-18 Academic Year

During the first year of the Inclusive Caltech Core project, 2017-18, key activities include:

  • Kick-off Retreat: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
  • Mid-quarter feedback surveys for main Core science and math classes: Fall, winter, and spring quarters
  • Fall/winter gathering: guest speaker and discussion of recent student feedback
  • Spring gethering: student panel and discussion of recent feedback

For more information, please see subpages here. Some of these are restricted to on-camous or Caltech ACCESS login.  Questions? please email Cassandra Horii, 

Core project leadership and implementation team:
  Cindy Weinstein, Vice Provost
  Kevin Gilmartin, Undergraduate Dean
  John Hall, Core Steering Committee Chair
  Sarah Reisman, Chemistry EO
  Cassandra Horii and Jenn Weaver, CTLO
  Hanna Song, CCD
  Lesley Nye and Barbara Green, Dean’s Office